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Jones Blair Oil and Gas Coatings

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Jones-Blair® Coatings are the toughest coatings we have found. The best surface preparation and the best applicators need the best coatings. After researching many Companies we chose Jones-Blair for our coatings.

Why? Because Jones-Blair, not only manufactures tough coatings, they also work with us and our customers to develop systems needed for difficult & unique sq frac worley1corrosion problems.

Very few coatings are good enough to meet our demands. We demand not just “paint” but time proven coating systems. Primers that offer maximum protection against corrosion; Intermediate coats that help build on both corrosion and chemical resistance; high gloss long life Finishing coatings that protect assets for years to come. Some customers want an automotive finish to enhance and protect their gloss, Jones-Blair has these solutions.
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Using Jones-Blair coatings, we are provided a complete line of proven systems from one manufacturer. They are one of the industries best kept coating secrets... We guarantee you have seen a Jones-Blair coatings system in the Oil & Gas industry, on an offshore rig, or marine vessel.




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