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 Base plate cracked - rebuild

 Bearing housing – rebuild

 Bearing support – rebuild

 Bow thrusters – rebuild/ protect

 Casings holed - rebuild

 Centrifuges – rebuild/protect

 Chutes liquid – rebuild/protect

 Chutes powder – rebuild/protect

 Chutes aggregates – rebuild/protect

 Cyclones – rebuild/protect

 Deflector screens – rebuild/protect

 Engine block - rebuild

 Evaporators – rebuild/ protect

 Filters/strainers -protect

 Flange faces – rebuild/protect

 Heat exchangers - rebuild/protect

 Hydraulic rams scored - rebuild

 Hoppers powder – rebuild/protect

 Hoppers aggregate – rebuild/protect

 Jet tubes - rebuild/protect

 Keyways – rebuild

 Kort nozzles – rebuild/ protect

 Machine beds scored – rebuild

 Mixing bowls – rebuild/protect

 Pintle sleeves – rebuild/ protect

 Pipe elbows/bends – rebuild/protect

 Pipe leaks - repair

 Pipework internal – liquid

 Pipework internal - powder

 Pipework internal - aggregate

 Process vessels – rebuild/ protect

 Propeller s – rebuild/ protect

 Pump casing internals - liquid

 Pump casing internals - powder

 Pump casing internals – slurry

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