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Chemcial 1 smallMedway coatings have been chemically engineered to meet the extreme requirements of Refineries the Oil & Gas, Marine and Chemical industries. They range from surface tolerant anti-corrosion coatings through chemical resistant coatings to under water coatings and lagging encapsulants.

Medway Corrocoat AL is a two pack solvent based epoxy coating incorporating Aluminium flakes. The product is ideal for application to manually prepared, damp or previously coated surfaces while offering good adhesion, weather and corrosion resistance.


The Medway Chemcoat range CRXE and PU are  high build solvent-free epoxy coatings designed for the long term protection of pipelines, tanks, chemical containment areas and marine structures etc., against corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. Operating temperature ranges from –20C to 60C, Medway Chemcoat XE is a Novolac which will withstand up to 98% Sulphuric Acid.

Medway Corrcoat UV is a two pack solvent based UV stable polyurethane coating. The product once cured offers a tough UV resistant finish with excellent durability and light fastness. The product is normally used as a light stable finishing layer to surfaces previously coated with Medway Chemcoat CR or Medway Corrcoat AL. The material comes in clear or pigmented form and provides a finishing coat for multi-coat systems which will prevent chalking and discoloration of the surface due to UV degradation.

Medway Lagcoat FR is a single component water based fire retardant polymer emulsion composition designed to encapsulate and protect thermal insulation materials against damage and loss of insulation performance, and prevent corrosion under insulation. In addition to providing a waterproof skin to the insulation, the coating allows any trapped moisture vapour to breathe out and the complex blend of resins and fillers ensures that the coating has excellent resistance to UV and thermal aging as well as being fire retardant

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