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Solve A High Cost Problem with Medway Corrosion Consultants. 4% of the GDP is lost to corrosion.



Corrosion Treatement PreperationAs corrosion treatment and prevention specialists, we fight corrosion where ever we find it. Based in Singapore, for over 30 years we have helped companies throughout South East Asia protect thier assets by preventing corrosion.

Where corrosion already exists, we offer proven solutions to deal with all types of corrosion and to prevent reoccurrence.

Over the past thirty years, we have developed and assembled an extensive range of products and solutions within our portfolio, Ceramic Coatings, Metal Coatings, Thermal Spay and Insulation coatings are just a small selection of the many products and systems we have in our arsenal to fight corrosion.


For, Refineries, Shipyards, Chemical plants, Water & Power, General industry, Oil & Gas field vehicles and equipment through to tank, vessels and internal/external pipe coatings, etc.  we have both the experience and the products to help you.

While we work in many Industries it is fair to say we are most active in Oil & Gas, both onshore and offshore plus the Marine industry. We have helped major Oil & Gas and Marine companies solve major corrosion problems, saving them money and preventing down time.

High Performance CoatingsWith proven applicators and our own NACE Inspectors we can take a job through from the Technical Specification to the finished job.




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